Specialised Bookkeeping for Farming Businesses


Are you a farmer dreading having to do the BAS? Are you trying to do everything yourself? Do you have a million other jobs to do?


With 20 years of agricultural experience I know the industry like the back of my hand.

  • I understand the challenges you face
  • I’m aware of the pressure you’re under
  • I take the time to get to know your business
  • I’m flexible and provide the level of service you need

You didn’t become a farmer because you’re passionate about lodging your BAS, paying bills and paperwork, right? Why use your expertise and valuable time shuffling bits of paper?

About Jane

I know there are a million jobs you could be doing:

Sowing, Hay cutting, Repairing machinery, Trading stock, Feeding stock, Lamb and calf marking, Drenching, Fixing fences, Controlling weeds, Making silage, Attending a field day, Controlling foxes, Shearing, Cleaning troughs, Harvesting, Paying bills.

And that is only half of it.

Protect your sanity and your time.

Doing the books doesn’t increase your profit, but making smart business decisions based on real-time numbers does. Let me take care of the books so you can take care of your business.




“It always seems impossible until it's done.”

— Nelson Mandela