A Little Bit About Me

I am a registered BAS Agent and experienced Business Administrator with a career spanning over 20 plus years working in agriculture . I have the practical knowledge and experience of how successful farming businesses operate, backed by a Degree in Commerce and an Associated Degree in Applied Science (winegrowing).

Why Bookkeeping?

I started JC Bookkeeping after identifying the need for farming businesses to bring the innovations they are renown for in the paddock into the office. Office work, even for the most efficient operation ,is an area that is often neglected, avoided, dreaded or just not optimised.

The era of accountability, traceability and compliance in everything we do is here. I can help you make this work for your business rather than adding more red tape to distract you from running an efficient farm business.

I enjoy bookkeeping and have a passion for farming so I have married the two. Today and into the future , farming is more than a lifestyle, it is a business. Of all the skills required to run a successful farming operation, I believe that outsourcing the books is one of the most effective uses of your valuable resources.

With small changes here and there, together we can make a difference.

Not Just a Bookkeeper

All work and no play is just not sustainable. The outdoors playing sport , tennis, swimming and when possible rowing, is what makes me tick. I love Australian work dogs – they have purpose, they have character, they have intelligence and endless energy. Getting Will, my ex-working dog, certified as a therapy dog is my next project. This will give us both a purpose where we can help to brighten the lives of younger and older Australians in hospitals and care facilities.

One of my favourite  charities is the Primary Club of Australia, being a member helps to provide sporting and recreational equipment for people with disabilities.

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