If you have not outsourced your bookkeeping before and/or you have some questions, this section may provide you with more information. 

I have made some errors with the books so they are a bit messy will that matter? 

No.  I am not expecting your books to be top of the class. 

Farmers are a clever bunch. Outsourcing your books is a sound business decision.

Just about any farmer is capable of doing the books to a high standard if that is all they did. Could just about any bookkeeper learn to run a successful farming operation within a year if that is all they did? 

How do I know you are the right bookkeeper for our business?

I specialise in bookkeeping for farming . I have industry experience so understand the lingo , many of the production systems and the challenges you face as a primary producer.

I am a qualified , experience bookkeeper and registered BAS Agent so you can expect a high level of knowledge.

There is no lock in contract. I set up a terms of engagement so there is no confusion about what you have asked me to do and at what price.

My work is guaranteed.

I can provide you with contact details of my clients.

Book a discovery call. It's free. You can ask me questions to help you determine if we are a good match.



I live miles away from you, will I still get the level of support I need?

Yes. I am just a phone call away.

No matter where you are based you will receive the level of support and service you deserve. I have one client who lives overseas.

As with a lot of technology, a good internet connection does help. Even if your internet is unreliable or non- existent there are work arounds.

Contact is maintained via phone, email and zoom.

Gone are the days of having to tidy the office/house because the bookkeeper is coming. Gone are the days of rounding up the paperwork, filing it and dashing into town to drop it off.

If we plan a meeting but the truck load of sheep you just bought has arrived early, it is simple, we  just cancel our meeting. No time is lost or wasted and no travel expenses incurred.

Working remotely actually saves time.